A word from the Chief Executive, Shan Lloyd Williams, to introduce the spring edition of Calon.


Welcome to spring edition of Calon. It’s lovely to see the spring at last, with more daylight raising spirits after the long winter days.

But there are still dark clouds of worry casting shadows on our lives. We are facing a cost of living crisis, with food, fuel, heating and electricity all rising at a frightening rate.

We at Grwp Cynefin are proud of the good relationship we have with our with our tenants and customers, and this will continue.

We will continue to provide as much support as we can to find benefits and provide advice and information on how you can save energy and money. Our energy wardens and Welfare Team are experts in their fields and are available to advise.

It’s timely then that we are putting our Sustainability Strategy to work. We aim to:

  • reduce our carbon emissions by 24% by 2025
  • build homes that use less energy
  • reduce fuel poverty among our tenants
  • protect the environment – today and tomorrow for future generations

Together, as tenants and customers, staff and partners, we can do this!

Shan Lloyd Williams

Chief Executive Grwp Cynefin



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