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Here for you – Winter 2022





Welcome to Calon – Here For You

We’re in a cost of living crisis – we all recognise that fact. And in a crisis, Grŵp Cynefin’s absolute main priority is to be here for our tenants, our customers and each other. We’re Here for You, as the title of this special edition of Calon states, and remember that. If you’re worried about paying your rent, let us know. If the bills are piling up and causing worry, ask us for advice. If you are feeling the stress of providing for your family, support is available. It’s so important to share the load.

All our contact details are here. Our Cost of Living Crisis section on our website and social media accounts are full of advice, support and ways we can help you, from emergency packs to energy saving advice.

Like the Covid era, we will get through it by supporting each other.

Shan Lloyd Williams,
Grŵp Cynefin Chief Executive

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