Reporting a repair

What we will do

We aim to carry out repairs we are responsible for quickly, considerately and to a high quality. We also have a planned programme of maintenance and servicing to keep your home in good condition and to meet our legal requirements as a Landlord.

We will inform and involve you about any maintenance or servicing planned for your home. We will also check that you are satisfied with the work when it is completed.

What you need to do

In return, we expect you to look after your home. You should carry out any repairs you are responsible for as soon as possible. You must also allow us into your home to carry out any necessary repairs or servicing.

Reporting a Repair

Before reporting a repair, please check whether the repair is our responsibility or your responsibility here.

If it is our responsibility, or if you’re not sure, please contact Cyswllt Cynefin.

Recently moved in

If you have recently moved into a brand new home, you may be eligible for repairs under guarantee.


Tenants are responsible for insuring the contents of their home. Grŵp Cynefin will insure the building.

Emergency Repairs

We operate an emergency out of hours service between 5pm and 8.30am, and at weekends and Bank Holidays.

If you experience problems such as a flood or total loss of electricity, please call us immediately on: 0300 111 2122


Are you looking for an easy way to report a repair? Download our app!

Stock Condition Survey

Grŵp Cynefin is undertaking a programme of stock condition surveys, and your home is part of this programme. A stock condition survey allows us to identify any work required within your home, and plan for future works. This will involve a surveyor coming to your home and carrying out a survey. It will take around 45 minutes.

Any work required will be picked up by the survey and added to the planned maintenance programme, unless the work required is a health and safety issue. If that’s the case, we will send someone out to inspect your home and where necessary, repairs will be carried out.


Tenant Handbook

For further information about Repairs and Maintenance to your home, please refer to your Tenant Handbook.

For a copy, contact our customer service team in Cyswllt Cynefin:

Contact us – Cyswllt Cynefin

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