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Decant – when you have to move out of your home

Two possible reasons are:

1.Situation following crisis

If your home is damaged by fire or flood, you may need to move out temporarily so that we can repair the damage.

2. Maintenance or repairs

We need to make sure your home is safe and up to the required standard.

Substantial work is usually completed before you move into your home, but sometimes work needs to be done while you are living there, especially if you have been a tenant for many years.

  • Contact your home contents insurance company immediately, before you move or dispose of any items.
  • Make sure your gas, water and electricity supplies are switched off (if you can, make a note of meter readings).
  • Discuss with staff if you need to move or store personal belongings.
  • Keep the Department for Work and Pensions / Housing Benefit / Council Tax Department informed of the change in your circumstances.
  • Inform your doctor / support agencies that you are moving out temporarily.
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