Energy Wardens

In Wales, we have a Future Generations Act and we want to do our best to ensure the long-term sustainability of our communities, including environmental sustainability.

One of our main projects is Energy Wardens – which gives advice on energy efficiency.

If you are looking for advice on energy efficiency techniques and methods within your property, we can help you.

We can:

  • Help you save energy at home
  • Explain your bills and tariffs to you
  • Support you with relevant grant applications
  • Teach attitude change
  • Organizing and supporting local community events.
  • Support with Nest applications (private sector)
  • And when we can’t help, direct you towards other 3rd sector agencies



We can assist with Warm Home Discount application if eligible -£140 reduction in your energy bill!

We can help you with the Welsh Water ‘Help Scheme’ if eligible – £250 reduction in your water bill.

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