The new Welsh Housing Quality Standards (WHQS 2023) – What it means for you

Some of you may have heard about the new WHQS 2023. But what does this mean for you?

Here are some frequently asked questions about WHQS, which we hope will help.

1. What is WHQS 2023?

In October 2023, the WG introduced a new set of standards for social housing in Wales. It focusses on providing tenants with affordable housing of good quality, suitable for the needs of existing and future residents.

2. What are the main things included in the new standards?

For Grŵp Cynefin to meet the WG standards, your homes must:

  • Be in good condition
  • Be safe and secure
  • Not cost too much to heat or damage the environment
  • Be comfortable and suit the person living there

3. What is different from the old WHQS standards?

The new standards

  • Are tenant focused
  • Aim to promote positive health, education and wellbeing
  • Promote continuous engagement with tenants and customers

4. How can I get involved?

An important part of these new standards is your involvement. We will be sharing information soon on how you can get involved.

5. Where can I to find out more information?

For more information, please visit

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