How to become a member of Grwp Cynefin


To make sure we understand and listen to the community in which we work, we need individuals and organisations to join our housing association.

We would love to hear from:

  • Individuals
  • Local groups and organisations such as Community and Town Councils
  • Tenants

who agree with our aims as a housing association and are willing to act for the benefit of the association and the community.

How much does it cost?

It costs £1 to join. You will then receive a copy of the annual report and be invited to the [members’?] Annual Meeting or the [??} General Meeting

Management Board

During the members’ Annual Meeting, there will be an opportunity to select members to serve on the Management Board for a set period of time.

a woman and a man, with a little girl on the man's shoulders holding a balloon.

How can I join?

Contact us for more information and an application form.



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