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We want to see a community where everyone are respected and treated equally.

That is why we are determined to do our best to reduce inequality and promote well-being and safety within our communities.

Gorwel – we offer support and more.

We are the part of Grŵp Cynefin Housing Association that supports people and families who are having a difficult time.

Some are surviving domestic abuse, others are dealing with situations or experiences that could lead to them losing their home. Some people are tenants of Grŵp Cynefin and others aren’t.

At the moment there are around 65 of us working for Gorwel and each week we support around 625 people across Gwynedd, Anglesey and Denbighshire.

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Gorwel website

For more information about Gorwel’s work, please visit their website

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“My support worker has helped me with my feelings. She’s helped me to stand up for myself.  She’s helped me to be more calm.  She’s helped me to cope with people who are nasty.”

Domestic Abuse Children & Young People Service Gwynedd & Anglesey

“There are no words to describe the help I’ve had.  They just listened. Never happened before. For 50 years he stole everything from me. I’m 72 now and I’m having a new life.”

Domestic Abuse Floating Support Service Gwynedd & Anglesey

“Caring Dads forced me to consider the children and their needs rather than my own. Caring Dads educated and helped me realise that no one is to blame for my actions but myself –  how abusive and controlling I could be, so now I know not to be like the way I was.”

Caring Dads

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