Grŵp Cynefin launches well-being scheme for staff Wednesday 3 February 2021

North Wales housing association Grŵp Cynefin has launched a year-long well-being programme for its staff.

Grŵp Cynefin launches well-being scheme for staff

With its staff working under Covid restrictions and many working from

home as well as home schooling their children, north Wales housing
association Grŵp Cynefin has launched a year-long well-being programme
for its staff.

Byd o Les (which translates as “a world of good”) has been created
in collaboration with Andrew Tamplin of Canna Consulting, who has worked
on well-being sessions with the group in the past. The first session
will be held today (Wednesday, February 3)and will kick off a year of
activities designed to share knowledge and provide encouragement and
understanding of the importance of mental and physical health and

The first session is entitled Mind, Body and Soul, and will be held
over Zoom. The sessions and additional information will also be offered
on Clic, Grŵp Cynefin’s staff intranet.

“This is no doubt a difficult time for staff,” said Gwenda Squire,
Grŵp Cynefin’s HR Manager. “As well as concern for loved ones and
general concern about the pandemic, some people feel isolated working
from home, some are working and caring for children, and the nature of
how we work now means it can be more screen-heavy – for many it has
meant a complete change to their working environment.

“Doing their jobs within these changes is a lot to ask of our staff
and it’s important that they feel supported. Byd o Les will now be at
the heart of the care and support of our staff.”

“Health and wellbeing is more important than ever,” said Andrew
Tamplin, who works with clients across Wales. “This new programme will
offer support and advice on keeping mentally and physically healthy, not
just within working hours and the new working environment but in a
wider context. It will also be an opportunity for staff to share their
tips and good practice.

“Byd o Les is a comprehensive scheme to support staff, and
many of the elements and advice will also be suitable for sharing with
tenants and partners. The scheme is an excellent example of how
companies should be seeking to promote and encourage good and healthy
practice amongst their workforce and I look forward to working with Grŵp
Cynefin over the coming months.”

For more information, please contact Mari Williams

Grŵp Cynefin Communications and Marketing Manager

07970 142 305


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