Information on Coronavirus Thursday 5 March 2020

Public Health Wales is working closely with the Welsh Government and the other UK public health agencies to carefully monitor the situation in China and implement a planned response, with measures in place to protect the health of the public.

Information on Coronavirus

Information on Coronavirus

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) presents with flu-like symptoms including a fever, a cough, or shortness of breath. The current evidence is that most cases appear to be mild, however symptoms may progress to a severe pneumonia.

Generally, Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) can cause more severe symptoms in people with weakened immune systems, older people, and those with long-term conditions like diabetes, cancer and chronic lung disease.

Advice for the public

Please check the most recent advice for returning travellers, which includes guidance for those returning from China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Northern Italy, and Iran.

Members of the public can help protect themselves and others by washing their hands with soap and water often every day, or use a sanitiser gel, and to always carry tissues, and using them to catch coughs or sneezes. They should bin the tissue, and to kill the germs. This is the best way to slow the spread of most germs, including Novel Coronavirus.

You should ‘self isolate’ if there’s a chance you could have coronavirus, call 111 and isolate yourself from other people. Do not visit your GP surgery or A&E.

This means you should:

• stay at home

• Separate yourself from other people in your home If you live with other people, you may have to take extra measures to reduce the chances of onward infection, such as staying in a separate room and regularly cleaning shared kitchens and bathrooms.

• Cover your coughs and sneezes

• Wash your hands thoroughly

• Avoid sharing household items

• Do not have visitors in your home

• Ask friends, family members or delivery services to carry out errands for you - such as getting groceries, medication or other shopping You should make sure any items delivered are left outside, or in the porch, or as appropriate for your home.

• Not use public transport like buses, trains or taxis

See link from Public Health Wales on full details for self isolation - self-isolation advice.

If you are ‘self isolating’ due to issues related to the Cornonavirus and are a Grŵp Cynefin tenant please get in contact with us on 03001112122 so that we put arrangements in place to properly support you.

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