A brand new specially built bungalow makes life more comfortable for disabled tenant Thursday 18 October 2018

A brand new specially built Flintshire bungalow will make life much more comfortable for a disabled tenant and her live-in carers, thanks to Grŵp Cynefin.

A brand new specially built bungalow makes life more comfortable for disabled tenant

The Penyffordd bungalow has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the tenant, who has severe complex difficulties and receives 24 hour care from her family.

Working with Flintshire County Council’s Specialist Housing Solutions, the bungalow built at Maes y Wennol, Penyffordd, Flintshire was developed by a north Wales based company, W D Stant. It was part of a three phase development: the first phase, Cwrt y Glowyr, completed in 2014; the second phase was this special needs bungalow and discussions are ongoing regarding a third phase.

Shân Lloyd Williams, Chief Executive of Grŵp Cynefin said: “From the outset, working with our colleagues at Flintshire County Council, the family were made a priority case. Working closely with the family and the health and care support team surrounding the tenant, we were all able to learn, design, plan and build a property that met their current and future needs.

“In this particular project, it was important that a bespoke home was built so that it would enable the whole family to have a better quality of life. Grŵp Cynefin was delighted to hand over the keys of this bungalow to the family, as we were so aware how much difference this property would make to the lives of the individuals involved.”

Marion Mullins, who with her husband, cares for her sister, Christine said: “Moving into this new bungalow has been a breath of fresh air for Christine and for us. Christine is severely mentally and physically handicapped. At the old property, we did not have a shower for my sister, so bed baths were our only option. She had to have any showers at the care home, during her respite care.”

At the bungalow in Maes y Wennol, a specially designed wet room has been created with a trolley bath offering comfort and dignity for bathing. In addition, a specialist ceiling track hoist has been designed into the tenants bedroom which runs through to the en-suite, making moving much easier and safer for the family. Another stand-alone ceiling track hoist has been situated in the lounge.

“Christine especially enjoys being moved in the hoist, and it has made so much difference to us. In the past our son, when visiting, used to carry Christine on his back from one room to the other. The hoists has made caring for Christine so much easier.”

“Moving here has altered Christine’s quality of life and the space, the specialist equipment and the design has helped me and my husband, in our care of Christine. We’re not getting any younger, but whilst we can, we want to continue to care for my sister. We are very grateful to everyone who has helped us.”

Wide corridors have been created in the newly built property, with large oval turning spaces giving enough room to accommodate the tenants’ wheelchair used by the carers. In addition, all entrances at the property have level access which has proved crucial for ease of access into and out of the bungalow.

Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Bernie Attridge, said: “Flintshire County Council works closely with all our housing association partners to meet the housing needs through the Specialist Housing Group. As the Cabinet Member for Housing, I know how important having your own home is to your health and well-being. I am delighted that Grŵp Cynefin has built this specially adapted property for Christine, and we look forward to working with and supporting them on future developments.”

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