Grŵp Cynefin’s Pen Llŷn enterprise centre goes from strength to strength Tuesday 3 July 2018

Two new companies will soon move into Grŵp Cynefin’s successful enterprise centre, in Pen Llŷn during the next few weeks.

Grŵp Cynefin’s Pen Llŷn enterprise centre goes from strength to strength

Congl Meinciau enterprise centre in Botwnnog, Pen Llŷn is proud that over 80 people have boosted the local economy, thanks to contact with the centre during the past seven years.

Over the next few weeks, more people will come into contact with the centre as two companies, Imbyll Design, a creative bilingual design company and Charismatic Cat Candles, a fragrant soy candles and wax melts company, move their business into the centre to work.

Congl Meinciau’s manager, Darren Morley, says the centre has succeeded in its original purpose of securing employment opportunities and skills in the area: “It has also brought an economic boost to this rural area of Llŷn as well as ensuring that homes have been built for local people, as part of the original development.

“No doubt, it was not an easy project to get up off the ground, but there is continued growth here, as small businesses set up and individuals take the first step to becoming self-employed and use the resources available here.”

Soon, eleven companies will work from the site:

  1. Daffodil Foods, a Welsh yoghurt production company
  2. Cegin Grug, a deli, caterers and meat roasting company
  3. Geriach Glesni, a unique personalised gifts company
  4. Dunchurch Compliance Solutions Ltd, a fraud and financial crime prevention company
  5. Tŷ Newydd, pub and restaurant in Sarn
  6. Amcan, film making, events and project management, design, website creation and marketing company
  7. Cymorth Llaw, home care and home health care service company
  8. Partneriaeth Llŷn, a project that brings together various environmental, statutory, educational and community agencies to work together and share information about Llŷn heritage to local people and visitors.
  9. North Wales Bowen Therapy, a complimentary hands-on therapy company that encourages the body to use its inner abilities to heal itself.
  10. Charasmatic Cat Candles, a fragrant soy candles and wax melts company
  11. Imbyll Design, a creative design company that creates websites, brands, and project management that tailors its services to client needs.

Only two units will now be available in the centre - one perfect for a small business that is keen to establish itself and a large office space for a growing company.

Darren Morley added: “The resources here include two workshops, drop in resources where individuals can hot desk, meeting rooms and training. Plus on Friday and Saturday, the cafe is open for a cuppa or for a lunch break with colleagues or friends.”

The centre’s staff also co-ordinates business and training events with projects such as Business Wales. Individuals can get free one-to-one business advice on site and register interest in attending training sessions such as health and safety, GDPR, first aid, etc.

For more information, contact Congl Meinciau on 01758 770000. A brand new website will soon be available with the entire centre’s information.

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