Bus Stop Project

Bus Stop is a mobile community development project.


What do we do @ the Bus Stop?

The project offers a wide range of services and opportunities, including:

  • Provide opportunities for those hardest to reach to engage in informal and accredited learning.
  • Provide information and support on relevant topics, empowering individuals to make informed, positive life choices.
  • Encourage individuals to actively participate in their community.
  • Provide innovative consultation methods and opportunities to individuals and the wider community and ensure effective feedback.
  • Work across sectors in partnership to maximise impact and add value.
  • Increase employment opportunities through ‘Job Clubs’ and Digital Inclusion projects.

All the above can take place from the Project’s vehicle which can be parked right outside people’s front doors or any other convenient location. The vehicle is equipped with relevant and up to date information, has a comfy seating area to engage in informal learning opportunities and consultation, is child friendly, and acts as a base for community projects.

Examples of Projects:


Bus Stop are able to assist with door to door surveys, community consultation and community profiling.

Digital Inclusion

Digital inclusion sessions can be delivered from the Bus Stop vehicle or a community centre. Sessions can be varied including: Job Club, First Click Sessions, General IT Sessions

Recycling Project

Sessions to encourage families to make better use of the recycling facilities provided by the Local Authority by highlighting the environmental benefits through fun and informal sessions.


Bus Stop are able to arrange drop-in sessions on estates and hold informal chats with residents from the vehicle - these sessions can often lead to projects developing in the area.

Sheltered Housing / Extra Care Activities

Activities to help reduce social isolation, including: Digital Inclusion, Bingo, Craffts, Hobby clubs

Health Project

The aim of this project is to educate children and young people about general health. Sessions include: personal hygiene, eating 5 a day, daily routine and physical activity.

Information Requests

If staff don’t have the relevant information to hand or if anyone requires additional information on a certain topic the project will ensure that the individual receives the information in a format suited to them ie email, post text etc

Safety Sessions

These sessions are aimed at children and young people to promote a variety of safety issues including road safety, cyber safety and ‘staying safe in your community’.

Citizenship / ASB Project

Our aims is to help partners reduce ASB and promote citizenship on estates. A flexible package including sessions on bullying, team building, respecting your neighbours and respecting property.

Grow Your Own / Nature Projects

A health and wellbeing project that encourages families to grow their own fruit and vegetables and promote greener communities.

Rural Housing Enablers »

There is concern in many rural areas about the economic and cultural effects because of the shortage of affordable homes for young people and key workers.

Information on Benefits »

Are you sure you are receiving the correct amount of benefit to which you are entitled? We've summarised the main benefits available in this section, if you are unsure about any aspect, please contact us.

Feedback, Compliments and Complaints »

We always aim to provide excellent services, but we can’t do this without knowing what you think we do well and where we need to improve.

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